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Séminaire A3SI - Akihiro Sugimoto
Séminaire A3SI - Akihiro Sugimoto
3-févr.-2017 13:30
Il y a: 1 year

Discrete polynomial curve fitting in the presence of outlier

Akihiro Sugimoto - National Institute of Informatics, Japan

ESIEE building (room 110, see - 13h30-14h30

Abstract: This presentation deals with the problem of fitting a discrete polynomial curve to 2D data in the presence of outliers. We use a discrete polynomial curve model achieving connectivity in the discrete space. We formulate the fitting as the problem to find parameters of this model maximizing the number of inliers i.e., data points contained in the discrete polynomial curve. We propose a method guaranteeing inclusion-wise maximality of its obtained inlier set.

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