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Séminaire Algo - Solon Pissis
Séminaire Algo - Solon Pissis
24-oct.-2017 14:30
Il y a: 3 yrs

Solon Pissis

Searching in Uncertain Texts

Salle de séminaire (4B05R) - Bâtiment Copernic

Pattern matching is a fundamental problem in theoretical computer science. Apart from its theoretical interest, it has many applications in other areas where textual data representations are used: computational biology, information retrieval, text mining, and pattern recognition, etc. It has been well studied in the past decades and it is well understood. The same problem for uncertain texts has been much less explored. These representations are becoming very common in a wide range of applications where data measurements with imprecise sensor measurements are considered or when flexible sequence modelling is required. In this talk, we will visit some recent results on this topic.

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