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Séminaire Algo - Shakhar Smorodinsky
Séminaire Algo - Shakhar Smorodinsky
5-oct.-2018 14:00
Il y a: 44 days

Shakhar Smorodinsky

Conflict-Free colorings

Bâtiment Rabelais, salle 34

There are few generalizations of the classical graph coloring notion to arbitrary hypergraphs. One such generalization is the notion of conflict-free coloring. This notion originated in the context of frequency assignment in cellular networks. It attracted a lot of attention both from mathematicians and computer scientists. The notion of CF-coloring is also related to various other classical notions in combinatorics such as discrepancy, VC-dimension, epsilon-nets, vertex ranking of graphs, etc. In this talk we give a survey of some foundational results related to CF-coloring and discuss some recent developments.

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