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Séminaire du LIGM - Tomas Recio
Séminaire du LIGM - Tomas Recio
1-Apr-2019 16:00
Age: 252 days

Tomas Recio

On GeoGebra Automated Reasoning Tools

Seminar room 4B125 (Copernic building)

Abstract: GeoGebra is a free/open source software developed within the

academic community. It is a dynamic mathematics software [HP] that bringstogether geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus inone easy-to-use package, and it can be used for all levels of education oreven research exploration. In 2013, Bernard Parisse's software Giac [P] wasintegrated into GeoGebra's Computer Algebra System view.GeoGebra is also a rapidly expanding community of about forty million users,located in just about every country in the world. The software is thusavailable in many languages and offers over one million educational resourcescreated by users that are also freely available. It runs in several platforms(including  Windows, macOS and Linux), has tablet apps (Android, iPad andWindows), and its web application is based on HTML5 technology, see<wbr></wbr>GeoGebra.Our talk shows some of the technical features of the implemented automatedreasoning tools in Geogebra: for mechanically finding relations amonggeometric elements, for testing the truth or falsity of some statement, forfinding additional hypotheses for a given statement to hold. These tools arebased on symbolic computation algorithms (effective algebraic geometry), theyallow the automatic and rigorous proving and discovery of theorems onconstructed geometric figures. This work has received the Software Demo Awardat ISSAC 2016 [ABKRS].Some on-going developments, including the "truth on parts" test [KRV] and the"automated geometer" web prototype [BKR], will be also presented. This workillustrates the interactions between research and the evolutions of thesoftware which increases the impact of the whole.

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