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Séminaire Algo - Julien Baste (Université de Lille)
Séminaire Algo - Julien Baste (Université de Lille)
18-May-2021 14:00
Age: 29 days

Julien Baste

Diversity of Solutions

On Zoom (if you want to participate, please request the meeting password. If your interest in the seminar is more general, you can request to be added to the announcement mailing list which will contain the password for each meeting)

Abstract: When modeling an application of practical relevance as an instance of a combinatorial problem X, we are often interested not merely in finding one optimal solution for that instance, but in finding a sufficiently diverse collection of good solutions. In this presentation we will consider an intuitive notion of diversity of a collection of solutions which suits a large variety of combinatorial problems of practical interest. We will consider this notion with the point of view of fixed-parameter tractability theory and present preliminary results as well as further extensions and possible usages of this notion.

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