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Séminaire Algo - Vincent Despré (université de Lorraine)
Séminaire Algo - Vincent Despré (université de Lorraine)
25-May-2021 14:00
Age: 22 days

Vincent Despré

Flipping Geometric Triangulations on Hyperbolic Surfaces

On Zoom (if you want to participate, please request the meeting password. If your interest in the seminar is more general, you can request to be added to the announcement mailing list which will contain the password for each meeting)

Abstract: We consider geometric triangulations of surfaces, i.e., triangulations whose edges can be realized by disjoint locally geodesic segments. We prove that the flip graph of geometric triangulations with fixed vertices of a flat torus or a closed hyperbolic surface is connected. We give upper bounds on the number of edge flips that are necessary to transform any geometric triangulation on such a surface into a Delaunay triangulation.

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