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Séminaire - Romain Couillet
Séminaire - Romain Couillet
6-Oct-2021 11:00
Age: 110 days

Romain Couillet

Random matrices could steer the dangerous path taken by AI but even that is likely not enough

Seminar room 4B125 (Copernic building)

Abstract: Like most of our technologies today, AI dramatically increases the world's carbon footprint, thereby strengthening the severity of the coming downfall of life on the planet. In this talk, I propose that recent advances in large dimensional mathematics, and especially random matrices, could help AI engage in the future economic degrowth. This being said, even those mitigating solutions are only temporary in regards to the imminence of collapse, which calls for drastically more decisive changes in the whole research and industry world. I will discuss these aspects in a second part and hope to leave ample time for discussion.

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