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Séances de séminaire

Séminaire Algo - Lama Tarsissi

Lama Tarsissi

First Steps in the Algorithmic Reconstruction of Digital Convex Sets

Bâtiment Lavoisier, salle 27? (à confirmer)

A quite remarkable family of discrete sets which has recently attracted the attention of the discrete geometry community is the family of (digitally) convex polyominoes, ...[details]

Séminaire Algo - Julien Baste

Julien Baste

Hitting minors on bounded treewidth graphs

Bâtiment Lavoisier, salle 27

For a fixed collection of graphs F, the F-DELETION problem consists in, given a graph G and an integer k, decide whether there exists S, subset of V(G), with |S| <= k such that G-S does not contain any of the ...[details]

Séminaire Algo - Shakhar Smorodinsky

Shakhar Smorodinsky

Conflict-Free colorings

Bâtiment Rabelais, salle 34

There are few generalizations of the classical graph coloring notion to arbitrary hypergraphs. One such generalization is the notion of conflict-free coloring. This notion originated in the context of frequency assignmen...[details]