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Séminaire Algo - Joël Goossens

Joël Goossens

A schedulability study for real-time computing

Building Copernic, seminar room (4B125)

Abstract : The talk will begin with an introduction to embedded real-time computing and scheduling problems. We will use simple examples to motivate the research problems and to illustrate th...[more]

Séminaire Algo - ‪Carl-Fredrik Nyberg-Brodda

Carl-Fredrik Nyberg-Brodda

Le problème du mot pour les monoïdes à un relateur et les groupes virtuellement libres.

Building Copernic, seminar room (4B125)

Abstract : Le problème du mot pour les monoïdes à un relateur a été décrit comme l'un des problèmes non résolus les plus fondamentales de...[more]

Séminaire Algo - Bastien Guerry (Etalab, DINUM)

Bastien Guerry (Etalab, DINUM)

Logiciels libres et missions de service public : où en est-on ?

Bâtiment Copernic, salle de séminaire (4B125)

Résumé : La ministre Amélie de Montchalin vient d'annoncer un plan d'action logiciels libres et communs numériques pour l'administration : nous présent...[more]

Séminaire Algo - Thierry Lecroq

Thierry Lecroq

Cartesian Pattern Matching

Building Copernic, seminar room (4B125)

Abstract : Cartesian trees are associated to strings of numbers. They are structured as heap and original strings can be recovered by symmetrical traversal of the trees. Let x be a string of numbers of length m. The...[more]

Séminaire Algo - Tom Davot

Tom Davot

On a Greedy Approach for Genome Scaffolding

Building Copernic, seminar room (4B125)

Abstract : Scaffolding is a bioinformatics problem aimed at completing the contig assembly process by determining the relative position and orientation of these contigs. It can be seen as a paths and cyc...[more]

Séminaire Algo - Cyril Gavoille

Cyril Gavoille

Graphe universel et représentation implicite pour les graphes planaires

Salle de séminaire 4B125, bâtiment Copernic

Résumé: Le nombre de graphes planaires à n sommets (non-isomorphes, non étiquetés) est de l'ordre de c(n+o(n)), où c=O(1). Quel est le plus petit graphe qui les ...[more]

Séminaire Algo - Liat Peterfreund

Liat Peterfreund

Grammars for Document Spanners

Seminar room 4B125, Copernic building

Abstract: We propose a new grammar-based language for defining information-extractors from documents (text) that is built upon the well-studied framework of Document Spanners for extracting structured data ...[more]

Séminaire Algo - Vincent Jugé

Vincent Jugé

Sorting presorted arrays

Abstract: Twenty years ago was invented Timsort, a surprisingly efficient sorting algorithm. One crucial aspect of Timsort is that it sorts presorted arrays (rare if array entries are elements of a large set chosen uniformly at random, but frequent in practice...[more]

Séminaire - Romain Couillet

Romain Couillet

Random matrices could steer the dangerous path taken by AI but even that is likely not enough

Seminar room 4B125 (Copernic building)

Abstract: Like most of our technologies today, AI dramatically increases the world's carbon footprint, thereby strengthening the severity ...[more]

Séminaire Algo - Jonas Ellert

Jonas Ellert

Computing Runs in Strings Over General Ordered Alphabets

A run in a string is a maximal periodic substring. For example, the string "bananatree" contains exactly the runs "anana" and "ee". There are less than n runs in any length-n string, and computing a...[more]

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